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  • Although the S&P gained over 8 percent per year in the last twenty years, the actual performance was 4.25 percent over that period for those who invested all in equities, and 2.29 percent for stock and bond investors. They do not get the full market performance. Do you?
  • For years, many advisors have trumpeted that you can safely withdraw 4 or 4.5 percent from your portfolio annually in retirement without much risk. That’s based on the historical return for the United States. Other nations have had significantly lower rates. Do you believe the U.S. will remain an economic superpower, or do you see a world economy growing that soon could level the playing field?
  • Even if you believe that withdrawing 4 percent is a safe bet, what if you retire in a year such as 2007 and see your portfolio immediately plummet for a year or two? If you are spending money from that account but no longer are contributing to it, what happens to your retirement security? How will such a tough blow, early on, change the course of your retirement?
  • Are mutual funds really a good place to invest for retirement, as many people believe? How much are high fees sapping your nest egg? Are there ways to invest that will allow you to keep more while taking the same risk – or to keep the same while significantly lowering your risk?

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